Heavy Duty Sliding Glass Door Rollers factory

Company Information
With many years of production technology, strong strength and advanced technical equipment, Hansheng has carefully created first-class professional and technical personnel, superior quality products in order to facilitate the needs of our customers, the factory has begun to expand production, business scope, and then research Design, manufacture and manufacture high quality door and window handles, window stays, sliding door pulleys, sliding door hanging wheel hardware products. The products have passed many tests, fireproof, moisture proof, high and low temperature test, etc. so that you can use our door control series more safely.
And we pay more attention to every detail of product production, and strive to achieve the best quality; carefully complete each production to ensure the final result of the product. From the initial design to the final arrival of the customer, we are all meticulous, do our best to meet the various requirements of customers, and safely deliver our products to the hands of customers, and to reap the satisfaction of customers. Our door control hardware products have achieved long life, high body weight, easy to deform, flexible and safe operation, etc.
With a full range of product development capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology, we are leading the industry with innovative spirit and corporate strength! The introduction of advanced management mode and the concentration of skilled professionals, from product development, trial production to scale manufacturing, all achieve scientific monitoring and management, and strive to continuously improve and innovate the quality, the products are exported to many countries and regions around the world.
Through our constant and serious efforts, our factories combined into the highest technology with the ever-developing modern designs. From the selection of material to the structure, we entrust with strictly igh standard. It makes our products quality, marketing promotion and customer service improving unceasingly, 70% of our products has been exported to all over the world.
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