The AR Show podcast interview.

Great job on the podcast interview, I thought.

Here is the link, for anyone who happens to be in these forums, but wasn't aware of it.

Selecting enterprise verticals that match your first products strengths does seem prudent. Tilt5 is doing the same with CastAR.

Reading between the lines, it sounded like you are staying away from AR application that would rely on tracking, which is functionality you will mostly pick up through partnerships, for now at least.

And an enterprise vertical also means you won't have to worry about the other big issue, content/apps.

Education for AR is a a favorite of mine also. Really hoping Google Expeditions for AR continues, which is a great start, but so much more could be done.

I want an AR app that shows me parabola trails for things flying through the air in front of me, and then breaks it down into the math behind it!

Excited for CES and 2020 for Kura, good luck!